Andy Craig

About Me

I am 15 years old, turning 16 in November, born in England. My mother was born in Canada, and my Father was born in Scotland. I am statistically 25% Hungarian, 25% German and 50% Scottish. I moved to Canada from England in 2007. I currently attend Upper Canada College in grade 10(FY), I take chemistry, physics and spatial geography. I am a computer science enthusiast and hoping to be Software Developer. I participate in many extracurricular activities including tennis, skiing and rugby. I am currently in the midst of completing my Duke Of Edinburgh Award, I have completed around 60% of my Silver Award. I am fluent in 2 languages: English and French and dabble in: German, Spanish, Latin(not really a language) and Scottish Gaelic(probably havent heard of it). My family and I visit Scotland every summer, I enjoy climbing mountains, catching mackerel and swatting mosquitos :) when we are there. My father owns a guest house called Balmacara Mains This is my first website ever, and I am hoping to create more.

Extra-Curriculars and Skills


UCC U16 Tennis Team Member, Competitive Tennis Player(OTA), TCSCC House League Player
U16 Saracens Team member(2016), Starting Full Back, Rugby Ontario Finalists 2016
Ski Racer:
U16 Competetive Craigleith Team member(2017), SOD and REC races


Flute :
UCC Concert Band Member (2013-2015), Gold Award Winner 2x
Percussion :
UCC Symphonic Band Member (2015-2016), Silver Award Winner 2x
Percussion :
UCC Senior Wind Ensemble (2017-2018)
Piano :
Private Lessons (2008-2012)

Latest Projects


Explorer - 30 day canoe trip

In the year they turn 16, campers can elect to participate in a one month trip as part of Kandalore’s exclusive Explorer program.

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Other Projects

Building a Computer

"Why waste the time and energy building your own system when you can get a great machine fully assembled and shipped to your door?" That's a great question. Building your own PC will not save you time. It might save you money, but that's not even the best reason to do it. For me, it was a fantastic hands-on educational experience. It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction every single day when I press the power button on my tower, watch it light up, and know that I plugged in the wire that goes from that light to the motherboard. Building your PC takes the mystery out of what's going on inside that black box you spend hours on per day.

Part List

Lewa Conservation game

This project will also show them more about the things that computers can achieve and maybe inspire some or give them more opportunities later in life. Just implementing computers and OLPC’s to kids at an early age really can help the community by raising the level of education and the amount of people going onto higher education so that they can get better jobs so they will not have to resort to poaching to feed their families. This will gradually increase the wealth of the towns with each generation having more opportunities.

Github Repository

MyoSnake Game

In FY computer Science we are learning about different software development life cycles(SDLCs), our current project is to create a games of some sort using the Agile SDLC. Agile, a method of project management characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans, uses things called sprints where all of the developpers work very hard for a short period of time. To learn more about Agile: Click here. Our idea was a classic snake game with a modern twist. Instead of using the keyboard to control the snake we will be using the MYO armband, a motion detecting device on your arm.

Game Site

Work Experience

Project Manager- Lewa Conservation Game (2015 - 2016)

Tasked to create a game to raise awareness for children in Africa who are growing up to become poachers.This conservation is working to not only save animals from poachers and provide a sanctuary for them, but also edu cating young children about the dangers of extinction in Africa.